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Why websites are like sourdough... OR How to get more work from existing clients... OR all of the above.

Most designers understand websites should be dynamic, changing feasts of information continually audited and cleaned. On the other hand, clients see updating websites as difficult, best left for a rainy day, much like spring cleaning.

So how do you suggest a website is ready for updating? It's not by highlighting inadequacies – dissing doesn't impress or influence. Instead, introduce this process, it's systematic and based on cold hard facts.

It's a perfect way to get more work from existing clients.

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LinkedIn for designers

A recent UK survey, validated by clients at our recent 'What Client's think' UNseminar, reported that 96% of the 500 clients surveyed actively used LinkedIn. That makes it the perfect forum for designers to find, and talk to, clients.

But how many designers use it well? Not many ... it's there for the taking.

That's why we've written the Business of Design LinkedIn for designers – a 3 hour workshop that demonstrates how to use Linkedin to develop new business.

It is specifically for designers, and specifically about finding new business. We've filled one session in Melbourne – the second is filling fast.

We're talking about using LinkedIn to find the right contacts, connecting and then influencing. The workshop is in most capital cities...

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Public speaking for designers

One of the findings of the recent UK client survey (see above) is that clients liked to talk directly with the creatives doing the work. That means, more than ever, confidence to present your work to others, and confidence to speak in public, is prerequisite to being a successful designer.

Problem is, it's not taught at Uni, so it's yet another thing to learn on the job. Or not.
We've found a full day workshop tailored directly to designers. It covers tips and techniques to get you public speaking like a pro. The workshop was written and is presented by two ex-ABC journos. They wrote the course specifically for one of our clients – a large design studio – who wanted to upskill their designers.

Written and recorded is now offering the workshop to others. I did it, with a group from our breakfast club, and I think it's great... infact, I wish I had done it earlier.

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