16.04.19 / The Era Of Open Innovation

The verb “to innovate” is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “To make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products. To introduce something new, especially a product”.

At Echos, we like to describe innovation as something that adds value to people’s life. Anyone and anything can be innovative, depending on the context. We also believe that one can only create value with an invention, if that invention is focused on a human need, on a problem someone needs solving. Design Thinking teaches us that collaboration is one of the best tools to foster innovation as different people will bring different perspectives and ideas to the table.

Today we share with you a talk entitled “The era of open innovation“, in which Charles Leadbeater – the author of We-Think: the power of mass creativity – argues that “The more radical the innovation, the more the uncertainty, the more you need innovation in use to work out what a technology is for. All of our patents, our entire approach to patents and invention, is based on the idea that the inventor knows what the invention is for; we can say what it’s for. More and more, the inventors of things will not be able to say that in advance. It will be worked out in use, in collaboration with users. We like to think that invention is a sort of moment of creation: there is a moment of birth when someone comes up with an idea. The truth is that most creativity is cumulative and collaborative; like Wikipedia, it develops over a long period of time.”

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