10.04.19 / A new way to find new business

A new way to find new business

We’ve uncovered research published nearly 35 years ago that was ground-breaking then, and just as relevant now. It’s used successfully across many industry sectors, and studied in most universities. It’s just never been used in design.

We found it when researching alternative ways for designers to find new business. Ways to get more work from existing clients, as well as new work from potential clients.

It’s an existing methodology that, with a little bit of tweaking, works brilliantly to identify where an organisation currently uses design, where it doesn't and what impact it has.



What do clients think about designers?

Ever asked yourself what clients REALLY think about you?

The What clients think UNseminar will give you a chance to find out. This event has three brave clients sitting up front sharing the good, the bad and the ugly dealing with designers.

Do you know how quickly they expect you to answer an email?
What they think should be in a submission?
If they think free pitches are OK?

Take the opportunity to ask ...

Natalie Cukierman: Category Marketing Manager Coca Cola Amatil (formerly Brand Manager for Cathedral City, no. 1 cheese brand in the UK, Clover and Vitalite and FHP)

Fiona Nixon: Head of Strategy and Communications at Bank Australia (formerly working in PR, with Dept of Planning and Community Development and in local council)

Elisabeth Tuckey: GM Networks and Partnership Development at Good Shepherd Aust (formerly Director Community Empowerment and Engagement City of Darebin, CEO Ladder, Head of Comms Headspace, Head of Comms Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund and GM Corporate Affairs Rural Ambulance Victoria.

What clients really think


Building a design community.

Our Business of Design breakfasts are a mix of networking with like-minded designers and mentoring. We get 20 like-minded businesses together to talk and solve, the challenges of running a creative business. We help indentify a studio's 'onlyness' , we help write your value proposition and we talk new business.

Time is always a designer's most limited resource. It's tough to find time to work on, rather than in your business. Once a month, this is your time to work on your business.

I'm interested in breakfasts in Melbourne
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