26.03.19 / Why It’s Time To Capacitate Your Team In Design Thinking

The speed in which technology is improving and disrupting reality has never been greater. Because of it, companies across the world aren’t simply competing with one another anymore; they are also struggling to keep up with the tech changes to remain relevant. With social values constantly changing, organisations that aren’t willing to innovate and break their old moulds will most likely die out.

What We Know For Sure:

  • Technology is breaking the paradigms in the way people consume and interact with brands and companies
  • There is no such thing as “sector” competition anymore – companies are all at a competition, regardless of their industry
  • Environmental and social problems are becoming more complex by the day
  • Political change, diversity, equality and representativity are topics companies can no longer ignore


How Can Design Thinking Help?

With all that we listed above, to say companies can feel the instability of their environments is an understatement. Although some companies remain above water, innovation is the thing that will be able to make companies remain relevant, current and desired by costumers in our evolving society.

Design Thinking is an approach that will help your team resolve challenges based on the most important point of view, your costumer’s. It is a mindset that creates a baseline for innovation in a practical and human-centred way by allowing professionals to solve complex problems by making use of three core values – empathy, collaboration and experimentation.

How To Capacitate Your Team?

There are many ways in which you can capacitate your team in Design Thinking – a tool that has the power to help creativity and, therefore, innovation to become “best practices” within an organisation.

The simplest way to get your team up to speed is to offer them a Design Thinking training course. Echos offers two courses that will help your team change their mindset, learn how to collaborate and, ultimately, accelerate innovation.

Design Thinking Experience

Duration: 3 days

The course

Design Thinking Experience, as the name suggests, is a course that allows you to experience the fundamentals of Design Thinking, and completely changes your problem-solving techniques, giving you tools and hands-on methods that will help you come up with actionable, tangible, and innovative outcomes to challenges. It is a comprehensive course that will take you through Design Thinking’s principles, key tools and terminology. The knowledge you will gather from this course adds value to leadership skills by focusing on asking the right questions when solving complex problems, ultimately enabling you to become an innovation accelerator. Learn more.

Design Thinking Specialisation

Duration: 170 hours

The course

Design Thinking Specialisation is an immersive course for future innovators and design leaders, enabling participants to develop their creative confidence and innovation skills through a hands-on learning approach. It is a high impact mental shift course that will provide participants with a deep learning experience and teach them to assimilate the values of Design Thinking. Design Thinking Specialisation is the next step for design-thinkers who want to stand out by becoming experts articulators in innovation. Learn more.

Source: schoolofdesignthinking.echos.cc

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