20.03.19 / What client's think

What client's think

A research report titled What client’s think has just been released. The report is based on 500 individual client interviews conducted on behalf of (and paid for by) UK design agencies. The interviews were conducted face-to-face making the insights far more valuable than any online survey.

They were commissioned to monitor the health of client/designer relationships. Specifically, to understand client’s expectations, what they think makes a great relationship and to understand how they compare one design agency to another.

The results are interesting, and we think as relevant to the Australian design scene.

Here's the pearls we uncovered...


Talking all things design management

I'll be talking about the value of design management with the group at Barely Managing next Thursday night (28th March).

Barely managing is a series of events and meet-ups dedicated to project managers in creative industries to talk shop, swap tips and share challenges from what can be an emotional rollercoaster of a job.

Tickets here

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