12.03.19 / Watch, Listen, Read: Design & Inclusion In Every Medium

How can we design a society that is inclusive of everyone? What role does design plays in it?

Below you’ll find a TED talk, a podcast, an article and a scholar paper that will give you insight on the work we collectively need to do in order to design a fair society for all.

Elise Roy: When we design for disability, we all benefit

“I believe that losing my hearing was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received,” says Elise Roy. As a disability rights lawyer and design thinker, she knows that being Deaf gives her a unique way of experiencing and reframing the world — a perspective that could solve some of our largest problems. As she says: “When we design for disability first, you often stumble upon solutions that are better than those when we design for the norm.” (Source: ted.com)

The Art Of Inclusion – Listen Here

Albert Shum: Inclusive Design Thinking at Microsoft – How an inclusive process creates more accessible and ethical products. Click here to read the article.

Stephanie Panke & Thilo Harth: Design Thinking for Inclusive Community Design: (How) Does it Work? – Read the paper here.

Are you interested in learning more about Design Thinking and how it can be applied to bettering society? Echos courses Design Thinking Experience and Designing Desirable Futures may be the right fit for you.

Source: schoolofdesignthinking.echos.cc

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