05.03.19 / More Than I Can Chew?

Podcast (noun):

a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet.

Last month we looked at public speaking and confidence. We ended with Chis Do’s quote: “Stop trying to impress people and just go with what you know. They’ll forgive you for the words. They’ll remember your energy and tone.”

Let’s begin the conversation from there.

Forgive the stream-of-consciousness that is about to occur, this is an idea that is only a few days old. I’ll put forward a proposition for an experiment. Here we go.

I propose to go through the process of starting and delivering a podcast — I’ll go into details later — and I’m going to document every experience involved in the creation of said podcast. And I’ll attempt to do this all on my own. 0.o

Why a podcast?
Well, for one, I love chatting with people who are cleverer than I am. You can’t help but learn from them. That’s my selfish reason for doing it — there are more altruistic motivations behind this project, so fear not. Also, there are information gaps in the existing environment of design-based podcasts that I feel I could fill. You are hopefully aware of ausdesignradio.com.au (if you’re not, follow the link and check it out because it’s brilliant, groundbreaking, inspirational, and often profound), and its hosts Flyn and Matt. My concept is to look at the humanity behind the designers. I don’t want to create competition for ADR — that idea in itself is laughable, as Matt and Flyn are pioneers, designers, and geniuses. No, the idea is to create a product that complements ADR, to continue the conversation, and to build the community. Mostly, I want to do it to see if I can.

Finally, putting together a podcast and documenting each step could save those who wish to start their own podcast the trouble of making the mistakes that I make. I understand that making mistakes is a necessary part of learning, but some mistakes, I think you’ll agree, we can do without — the ones that cost us money, clients, or reputation. Thankfully I have none of those things so I’m feeling pretty relaxed about this impending journey.

How a podcast?
*sighs deeply* Wow. Step one will be market research. A primary research project has been conducted and I’ll include that in the report for next month.

Do people want this?
If so, what is it precisely they want in a podcast?
Or, do I trust myself and my experience and just go about producing a broadcastable product that I think will benefit and interest the design public?

What gear will I need?
That’s a tricky question because it's reliant on what the final product will be. If it’s just one or two hosts chatting into a mic with another person chatting into a mic, the gear needed will be different to that required if there will be group conversations. To begin with, though, and assuming the scale will be small, a 4-channel interface should do.
Headphones and mics. TBC
Studio space. If I’m going to chat with people over the web, then I’ll need something like Google Voice, GoToMeeting, Zoom, or Skype.
Recording software.
Podcast hosting platform.

Miscellaneous needs?
A partner (possibly).
I will need willing interviewees and an interested listenership.
A process.
Some grit and determination.
Some support (a lot of support).

When a podcast?
How about July 2019.

Right! Now that I’m suitably terrified, what will be the first step? Find an existing, similar product and chat to the creators. Flyn Tracy and Matt Leach from ausdesignradio.com.au, that means you.

Here we go. Watch this space.


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