27.03.19 / I'm out and proud

I'm out and proud

Our industry is rife with prejudices. We are a long way from gender equity when it comes to ownership of large agencies, in spite of equity at graduation. We slavishly follow the bright and shiny new designers and we are ageist.

Calling out ageism...


What clients think of design and designers

Our next UNseminar is on April 23rd and it presents three clients who will talk about their experience in dealing with design and designers.

The high level of interest in this topic indicates this will fill quickly. We limit the numbers so that everyone has a chance to contribute to the discussion.

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Business of Design breakfast - Perth

The Business of Design breakfasts give you 90 minutes of mentoring per month. We'll discuss ways to take control of your business. It's a meet-up limited to 20 like-minded designers, run by two of Australia’s most experienced design business mentors. It's practical advice about topics such as time management through to find new business.

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