27.02.19 / What makes you distinctive to a client?

Marketing your personal journey

Some weeks, if we’re lucky, we learn something new. Might be from talking, or doing, or watching. Better still, it might be something that you've discovered. Perhaps a new way of solving a problem. Something that makes you stop and think yep, I've got this.

That's brilliant, but then it gets better. You hear a gem that takes that idea from good, to brilliant. That’s when you think ‘boom!’ I've have so got this. This deserves sharing.



In Melbourne? It's not too late...

It's not too late to help solve the quandary of internships. If we accept that they are not a win:win situation at the moment, just whose responsibility is it to fix them?

Is it the educators? They churn out the graduates each year – perhaps they should take responsibility. Or maybe it's the graduates? Should they 'own' their education and research future employer needs? And what about the design community? Have we ever broadcast what would make the 'perfect candidate'?

Come to our next UNseminar (where views from the audience are as important as the speakers) to explore the future of design internships.

Andy Wright from Never Not Creative will be co-hosting the event. We'll have intern alumni. We'll have a representative from Interns Australia. We'll have university lecturers, high school teachers, and AGDA representatives. We'll have graduates and studios that do it well, and I guess we shall have some horror stories. It's the diversity of the conversation that makes it interesting.

It's on February 27 in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

I want to come...


Business of design breakfasts now in 3 cities

We now have our breakfast and business talk mentoring sessions active in Melbourne, a date committed in Perth and nearly, nearly finalised in Sydney.

Greg and I host breakfast for a group of like-minded design studio owners/managers/creatives. Each morning we concentrate on one aspect of managing a creative business, we offer a practical solution, and we include time to 'ask me anything'.

It's based on the one-on-one mentoring we've been doing across Australia for the last decade. We know the challenges, and we've got some tried and tested solutions we'd love to share.

This is an invitation to join us... it's $80 a head, and we pretty much guarantee you'll get a return on that investment within a few days of the meeting.

Tell me more...


"I looked over the Design Studio Management Program resources and they are fantastic. I couldn't think of a topic you don't cover!
I wish I'd been part of it before I started and learn things the hard way."
Libby de Souza Senior Producer, Portable

We're really proud of this program. Our alumni include designers transitioning from 'the tools' to 'management', and others on a career progression from reception/ admin duties to studio management.

You work at your pace, but not alone. The program is facilitated via a Slack program, where we give continuous feedback. Interested?

Contact me and I'll give you access to a sample site where you can access the contents of the program.

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