20.02.19 / Design is like baseball...

Design is like baseball.
Designers are pitchers and clients are catchers.

We’re in planning mode for where we might work ‘away’ this year, so I’ve been thinking through past destination. One of my all time favourites was San Francisco. Like Melbourne, but not. Like America but not. And I loved baseball. Like AFL but not.

I love baseball because I think it’s like design.

Why baseball is like design...


"I saw very capable design graduates get chewed up and spat out of the industry."

That's a quote from an email I received this week from a colleague. Here's more:

I have seen a designer with three years of very good experience take a three month unpaid internship at one of our most celebrated design studios. They told her it would be good for her resume. She was doing actual client work. She was working largely autonomously. Shame, shame, shame!!!

We would like your help to change the system, we can't do it alone.

Please do come and join the discussion we're having in Melbourne. There's another in Sydney (email me for more information).

I'll come...


How to get economical mentoring...

Trust me, nothing beats starting a morning sharing breakfast and business talk with a group of like-minded design studio owners/managers/creatives.

Yesterday we started our second Business of Design breakfast in Melbourne. We talked about new business development – how a designer can identify what they have to offer a client and how they differ to other designers. There's also time for an 'ask me anything' mentoring session, and to get to chew the fat with a dozen other designers.

Here's an email that just arrived from one of the participants:

This morning’s workshop has struck a chord ... thank you for providing me some structure to do this and the opportunity to meet others - I would have had to muddle through this by myself ...

We have two seats free in Melbourne.
Four seats free in Sydney.
And it looks like we may have enough interest to start one in Perth.

There's still time to join us... it's $80 a head, and we pretty much guarantee you'll get a return on that investment within a few days of the meeting.

Tell me more...

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