13.02.19 / Clients are from Mars...

Clients are from Mars...

Have you been asked to supply a rate card for each level of designer in your studio? Have you been asked to set up a retainer that will reduce your hourly rates? It's all part of client's thinking that design is a commodity.

Clients and commodity pricing...


An UNseminar to look at design internships

Who should take responsibility for graduates being 'job ready'?

Is it the educators? They churn out the graduates each year – perhaps they should take responsibility. Or maybe it's the graduates? Should they 'own' their education and research future employer needs? And what about the design community? Have we ever broadcast what would make the 'perfect candidate'?

Come to our next UNseminar (where views from the audience are as important as the speakers) to explore the future of design internships.

We'll have AGDA representatives. We'll have graduates and we'll have interns. We'll have studios that do it well, and I guess we shall have some horror stories. It's the diversity of the conversation that makes it interesting.

It's on February 27 in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Count me in...


Business of design breakfasts...

Trust me, nothing beats starting a morning sharing breakfast and business talk with a group of like-minded design studio owners/managers/creatives. Include an hour of 'ask me anything' mentoring from two experienced design studio owners and you'll leave pumped to take on the day.

We're offering seats at a new breakfast club this year. It's based on the one-on-one mentoring we've been doing across Australia for the last decade. We know the challenges, and we've got some tried and tested solutions we'd love to share.

Be great if you could join us... it's $80 a head, and we pretty much guarantee you'll get a return on that investment within a few days of the meeting. Others have...

I have been attending Carol and Greg’s monthly breakfast club for two years. They are tremendously informative, inspiring and welcoming. Whether you are from a large design studio or sole operator, everyone’s input is valued.

The sessions are very informal and relaxed, with plenty of opportunity for everyone to contribute to the discussion. Carol and Greg’s expertise in design business and management is outstanding, between them they have got the whole field covered. Offering invaluable insights into their approach across all areas of design. I always leave with a new nugget of practical information that I can easily apply to my business.

Adele Del Signore

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