23.01.19 / Uncle George is a problem

Uncle George is a problem

Just before Christmas I heard a psychiatrist taking talkback calls about Christmas.

One caller – let’s call her Martha – wanted to talk about family. Martha hosted Christmas lunch each year. It was huge, she invited all of her extended family. And Martha loved it. She loved the tradition. She loved that it was the one time of the year that grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and grandchildren gathered to spend the day together.

Well Martha loved most of it, but there was one problem.

Martha's problem...


Business of design breakfasts...

Our breakfast meet-ups are over-subscribed, so we're adding more in 2019.

We're adding another meet-up for design studio owners, sharing tools and strategies to manage a creative business. And responding to feedback from our recent 'designing your mental health' UNseminar we'll add another for employed designers. Both are monthly and limited to 20 attendees.

Once a month it’s worth every effort to outsource morning commitments and join Carol and Greg's design breakfasts. For designers working solo or in small studios the wealth of industry knowledge that Carol, Greg and the extended bunch bring to the table is invaluable. I always come away feeling enlightened, reassured, entertained and inspired!

Kate Vandestadt

I'm interested...


Managing a design studio

Owning and managing a creative business is an all-consuming, time-draining occupation. It is very easy to be drawn into a reactive, rather than proactive workflow. Planning long term is difficult. That's where we help. We take the helicopter view while you're on the ground rallying the troops.

We help creatives by researching design trends. We travel extensively to talk to other design studios about their studio structure and their methodology – what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t. We help future-proof creative businesses by identifying international work trends – what’s on the way up, and what’s on the way down.

Likewise, some people are born leaders but most are not. They need to learn skills and tools to manage other creatives. We help designers learn to manage other creatives.

Our clients may be studio owners or managers, or entrepreneurs wanting to develop a team, change direction, or designers wanting to move into leadership positions.

I'd like to talk...

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