30.01.19 / Am I a designer who writes? Or a writer who designs?

Am I a designer that writes or a writer that designs?

Some people think design and words are like the chicken and egg conundrum: they are never quite sure what should come first.

Not me.

In fact I hate it when clients suggest I ‘come up’ with the design first so they can backfill the text. That’s why I started writing. Words are important. Design is important. One is not better than the other; both should be celebrated as integral to clear communication.

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Design internships

Lawyers do articles, tradies an apprenticeship and journalists a cadetship. Yet designers are meant to graduate 'job ready'.

Problem is they're not. Far from it. We're working with design studios that could take on a graduate, but baulk at the wage when it will take months to see any return on investment.

Harsh but true.

On the other side, we all remember being a graduate and the sheer frustration of trying to crack the industry shell with no prior experience.

That's why we think now is the right time to introduce a design cadetship.

An organised, registered process designed to bridge the gap between learning and doing. A win:win situation offering a mix of participation and mentoring for a fixed term at a reduced wage.

Come to our next UNseminar (where views from the audience are as important as the speakers) to explore the possibilities. We'll have studios that do it well, and studios that tried but failed. And we'll have speakers that know stuff.

It's on February 27 in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Count me in...


Business of design breakfasts...

Our breakfasts for designers are over-subscribed, so we're adding more in 2019.

We're adding another Business of Design breakfast, sharing tools and strategies to manage a creative business. And responding to feedback from our recent 'designing your mental health' UNseminar we'll add another for employed designers. Both are monthly and limited to 20 attendees.

I have been attending Carol and Greg’s monthly breakfast club for two years. They are tremendously informative, inspiring and welcoming. Whether you are from a large design studio or sole operator, everyone’s input is valued.

The sessions are very informal and relaxed, with plenty of opportunity for everyone to contribute to the discussion. Carol and Greg’s expertise in design business and management is outstanding, between them they have got the whole field covered. Offering invaluable insights into their approach across all areas of design. I always leave with a new nugget of practical information that I can easily apply to my business.

Adele Del Signore

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