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Mark Maggiori is living in his own dream

Mark Maggiori may have missed the golden era of the lone-cowboy, but has brought his mythology back to life via rich and deeply technical paintings.

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An interview with Paula Scher

We’re not afraid to say Paula Scher is one of the most influential graphic designers in the world. In fact, we insist on it, so ahead of her appearance at Semi Permanent Sydney 2018, we gave her a call to get some advice...

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Isle of Dogs: Designing the details

When Wes Anderson asks you to help design his most visually ambitious film yet, you better be ready to worry about the details.​ Luckily, Erica Dorn was up to the task.

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Nike Air Max Day: A brief history

On March 26th 1987, a revolution began. The Air Max One, a masterpiece in design and manufacturing from the godfather of sneakers, Tinker Hatfield, was released to the world as a revolution in performance technology (in a not so subtle nod, they used The Beatles song of the same name to launch it).

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Making the Semi Permanent 2018 titles

"It's been a whirlwind. I've been so close to the project that it still feels really fresh to me. And maybe once I give it a few more months I can truly appreciate all the work we put in." ​ – Joyce N. Ho

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