06.12.18 / Everyday life in Gold Coast: meet Marnie Griffiths who captures it

From the School Library to a Photo Library

To say Marnie Griffiths is a talented enthusiast doesn’t even come close to the excitement she exudes talking about the joys photography brings her. In fact, the only thing bigger than her laugh is her heart. She spent years teaching hearing-impaired children literacy skills and still gets a buzz when she catches up with them on the street. We chat to Marnie as she begins her journey as an Australian stock photographer.


Where did it all begin?

In the dim, dark days of film. I wasn’t too good on working out exposure times and the results I wanted weren’t coming out. Then my sister surpassed me in photographic talent and it was: “Next… thank you!” I’ve still got that camera – and it’s still got a roll of film in it. Then I bought a Canon DSLR for family photos and it reinvigorated my passion.


And it was all a path to Getty Images...

I heard about the ‘This is Australia’ program via Canon Collective. I submitted my images and every day was checking to see if my name was on the acceptance list. One day it was there! I was so excited. Now I have several hundred images online.


What do you think makes your images stand out?

I’m putting a lot of effort in going out and getting the images that haven’t been taken. For the ‘Repicturing gender’ brief I’ve spent many hours getting shots of female BMX riders. They’re awesomely talented. They have the most frightening stacks on their bikes, then just get up and dust themselves off. All the riders support each other checking to see if they’re okay. With Getty Images, it’s all about looking for a different angle, a different aspect. Everyone brings their own ideas and this is just one of mine.


Is diversity important?

Of course. Photography has the power to show another beautiful side of life. I choose to submit images that see another side of us. Australia really is diverse, made up of a myriad of cultures, and our advertising should reflect that.


Any plans for future projects?

I’ve started getting into taking photos of whales. I’m driven now more than ever to capture beauty on camera. There’s nothing like photography to make you feel relaxed and happy – forget all your problems for a while. Read more about Marnie Griffiths' story here.


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