19.09.18 / Rules for working for free

Rules for working for free

Here's a story about a designer and her brother. He (let's call him Hugo) is CEO of a not-for-profit food-rescue organisation. She, (let's call her Ella), is the founder and creative director of a design firm working in the healthcare sector.

It's June. Most not-for-profits are competing for end-of-financial-year tax-deductible donations. Hugo knows he needs a presence online to compete for the dollar but has no marketing budget left.

Guess what happens next ...


A quick tip: one minute on the Business of Design

A comment from our recent survey suggested we include a 'quick tip' each email. Something small that could be used immediately. Here's tip #4

In the third of a series of one minute videos Greg Branson explains the idea of The Design Business Model Canvas.

Grab your one minute on the Business of Design.


The inaugural DBC scholarship

Pleased to announce not 1, not 2 but 3 winners of the scholarship for the DBC Design Studio Management program.

It was so hard to choose: we were inundated with submissions from talented female designers keen to learn management skills to take their studio to the next level.
 Here’s the designers starting our program this week:

Jenni Doran, Our revolution, Sydney. Jen operates in arguably one of the most competitive areas in Australia. We’re going to help her build a stable studio management process as a foundation for growth.

Danielle McClurg, Trio Agency, Kyneton. Daniella is building a business in rural Victoria where there is limited access to professional development. Our program will help her manage every aspect of a design business so she can wear many hats, as demanded in a regional small business.

Loren Holmes, Studio To & Fro. Loren is from a small studio in Fremantle, West Australia. What’s interesting is that Loren has a degrees in Architecture and Environmental Design and her business partner Rosie Halsmith has degrees in Landscape Architecture and Musical Arts. The program will help them tap these skills to manage and grow their studio. 

This is going to be fun :)


How to get unstuck…

The Design Business Council was founded in 2005 to help creatives manage their business better. Since then, Greg has met with literally hundreds of Australian graphic designers to talk all matters business. He's a walking knowledge bank of information needed to start, manage and grow a creative business.

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