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The Business of Design Why do we need a business advisor?

So we don’t have to learn from your own mistakes, that’s why. Avoid the pain, stress, anxiety, and rapidly depleting funds and learn from someone else’s mistakes — and subsequent wisdom — instead.

As a designer, people will hire us for our design skillset, knowledge base, experience, and our ability to squash all those things together to create effective design solutions to design problems. Qualified, experienced people are better at the tasks in which they’re qualified and experienced; it seems obvious, right? Imagine if an equine vet (for argument's sake) tried to build their own site, choose the layout and a typeface, create their own brand language — for use across multiple platforms and media, screen sizes, and operating systems — and, God forbid, design their own logo. Calamity would ensue.

It’s the same for most other professions. Why, then, is it such a surprise to find out that designers sometimes need help with the day-to-day operations of their business? And why do we avoid asking for help when it comes to business advice? Embarrassment? Financial cost? Whatever the reason(s), fear not — there are people out there whose job it is to help designers streamline their business practice.

Where do I find a business advisor, you ask?

Greg Branson — AGDA’s best pal and design-business-guru Greg Branson and Carol Mackay from The Design Business Council (DBC) and The Design Business School in Melbourne have been long-time supporters of AGDA and our members. Greg and Carol should be your first port-of-call if you have any doubts or worries about running your design business. They are both approachable, empathetic, not at all scary, and have a broad base of experience, knowledge, and wisdom gathered throughout their 30+ years in the game. The DBC offers all AGDA members access to discounted DBC items through the AGDA store.

The DCB has previously provided discounts for workshop events too, so keep an eye on local and national AGDA social media platforms, and EDMs, for any further offers.

The Futur — created by Director of Santa Monica-based studio Blind Chris Do — have a YouTube channel where you can access a wide variety of free design and business-related content. They also offer deeper, paid options on their site if you’re happy to fork out some coin for a more in-depth service.

We’ll be posting more sites in the future, so watch our social media platforms for updates.


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