10.04.18 / Dear Senior-Design-Creative-Director

How was your week?

Mine has been good — lots of work on at home and in the office. My children are on school holidays and I'm wishing we were packing our luggage and heading off to the Greek islands again.

Albeit we'll be in Melbourne for the winter.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article asking if the Creative Director was dead — I received quite a number of responses to this piece and have updated it with some of the comments since. It inspired me to write a trilogy of articles on the topic of very senior and traditional leadership positions in creative businesses. It continued with Fame vs Leadership and comes to a conclusion with today's piece.

Speaking to many people in senior positions I hear the same questions being asked. I covered some of them in an article in 2017 called The Ten Year Hurdle and today I'd like to revisit the topic in a more creative way.

Offering a new view to the evolution of traditional and hierarchical roles such as Design Director and Creative Director — three roles I've removed from my business as I believe they are no longer needed.

Enjoy reading my letter to these roles at Dear Senior-Design-Creative-Director

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