13.03.18 / The Purposeful Career / The Work That Matters

Did you ever have a dream when you were younger?

A dream where you pictured your future self working away at your life's work. Your true passion.

I read an article this week titled The work that matters – it's contents are irrelevant but the title hung with me all week. It rung in my head all week until I gave up and sat down last night and put 'pen' to 'paper'.

Yes, I'm writing this only hours before publishing.

The title of this article had me thinking back to my younger self — a teenager, fantasising about the work I would do as an adult. The environment I would do it in and the warmth it would give me.

That beautiful warm feeling inside of being nourished. Fulfilled. Endorphins flooding my brain.

Forgive me this week if I reflect a little too much — enjoy reading The Work That Matters.

I hope you find value in between the lines.

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