13.03.18 / Calligraphy Course April – May 2018



Learn six different calligraphy styles over six classes with Maria Montes.

Schedule: 10am – 2.30pm (lunch included)
Location: Rotson Studios in Fitzroy, Melbourne
Level: Beginner and intermediate

Saturday 14 April: Roman Capitals
Saturday 21 April: Neuland
Saturday 28 April: Carolingian
Saturday 5 May: Fraktur
Saturday 19 May: Italic
Sunday 20 May: Copperplate



What will you learn?

The difference between calligraphy, lettering and typography;

The tools used to write each script: broad nib pen, flexible pen, ruling pen, bamboo pen and flat brush;

Historical examples plus contemporary artworks by professional calligraphers and artists;

The fundamental elements of the letter: the strokes;

You will learn that calligraphy directly reflects the movement of the hand. Practicing calligraphy is connecting your brain with your hand and your eye. It is also about having fun and learning by doing.


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