02.01.18 / The Business of Creativity / We are all Designers

Happy new year — Wow!

Are you on a break or did you work through? Are you busy planning for the year ahead or are you happy to go with the flow?

It's 2018 and as I look down the barrel of a new year I'm excited, driven and filled with new ideas for my business, my weekly journal, my digital products and of course, my role as a father.

If I've learned one thing it's that self-awareness is a big deal when we mature into our careers, and yes, into our own personal lives. Knowing who we are, what we are and why we are is paramount to being able to taking even the smallest steps forward.

I'm excited for a new year that is about to unfold and I hope that you are also as optimistic and driven.

This week I contemplate what type of designer you are — as well as the type of designer I am.

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