09.01.18 / The Business of Creativity / Progress not perfection

Week 2 of a new year and I'm already thinking when my next holiday will be — how are you?

I'm currently redesigning and rebuilding my business' website. Yes I'm doing it myself. Some might say it's crazy but I'm OK with it. My pre-Tank years saw me work in digital and technology agencies and I did everything from hand-coding to digital art direction, so I'm comfortable taking the build of a website out for a drive every now and then.

By designing and building it myself I keep my digital eye keen and trained as well as learn how each message, each page, each nuance in positioning is performing. As a strategic leader, it's my job — extreme ownership — something I cover in my strategy course.

As I build this website, I'm slowly realising that it will never be perfect — actually I already knew this, but the little man inside my head still likes to believe it will be perfect. But it won't..

I need to be focussed on making progress.

Moving forward one step at a time.

Listening and learning — and then adapting.

Enjoy Progress not Perfection.

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