10.10.17 / The Purposeful Career / The importance of making something

How are you? Seriously, I don't just type that to pad out this email. I'm genuinely interested — how are you?!

Over the last month someone I've known for a few years, has made something — again. This guy, started 'making' a long time ago and he continues to do it over and over again. I'm fascinated by this because I love making things too. I love making things that provide value to people and solve real-world problems. Things that aren't just noise, but have relevance, meaning and purpose in people's lives. Nick has provided insight to this journal in the past, but this time he provides a tonne of value in an interview with me about his product design business, Kickstarter campaigns, learning from mistakes, mentorship and hell of a lot more.

In a recent interview with Strategist, Mark Pollard I asked Mark how important it was to actually make something as a Creative Leader.

His answer?

It's the entire point.

Yes, it's the entire point.

Enjoy reading The Importance of Making Something.

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