13.09.17 / Working from London / Respect for Design

Working from London - respect for design

I've long recognised that design and designers get much more respect in the UK. I think there are many factors that have led to this.

For me the demonstration of this was during a recent workshop with a Melbourne based branch of a UK design agency.

Why design is respected

Customer (design) thinking

It’s a motherhood statement to say that companies, projects, or teams without a customer focus will fail.

Increasingly companies are looking at how they include customers in their business model. Added to this they face ‘big hairy problems’ that make for increasingly complex business models.

Design thinking

Professional development - a revenue generator

Most studio owners see professional development as a money and time expense.

That's why the DBC PD program has been developed to turn PD from an expense to a revenue generator.

These E-Courses at just $99 each will quickly pay for the cost and time (plus increased revenue) with improved business performance.

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