12.09.17 / The Business of Creativity / The Ten-Year Hurdle

Let's time travel.

It's the year 2000. I'm in a job I love, I'm ten years into my career and I'm loving life. I'm learning new things and I'm earning a salary that I'm quite happy with. Then it all gets pulled out from underneath me.

Over night my whole world changes and I'm completely lost.

A series of crazy, recurring thoughts run through my mind.

  • Where do I go?
  • What do I do?
  • What the hell am I good at?
  • I'm so shit no one will hire me.
  • I'm a fraud.
  • What the hell just happened to me?

It took me a while, but in the end I found the answers to most of these questions. Some of them, I still ask from time to time.


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Jim Antonopoulos is the owner of Melbourne-based Strategic Design firm, Tank. He publishes a weekly journal via email called The Business of Creativity

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