05.09.17 / Creative Leadership / An interview with Mark Pollard

Name: Mark Pollard — @markpollard
Location: New York now, Sydney before
What do you do: Strategy work at my new company Mighty Jungle - also, strategy training
Job Title: CEO
Kids: Two - boy 11, girl 9


Let's start at Mighty Jungle. Tell me about this new gig of yours.

I sat on the name for seven years but I wasn’t sure I wanted to create an agency. Everything is getting commoditised. But then I realised that the businesses I'm attracted to - businesses built as acts of self-expression - need brand strategy and that doing brand work for them helps the founders understand themselves better.

It feels like deeper work to me.

So, the way I describe it now is that I help founders who are heartfelt and headstuck get out of their heads and into the wild.


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