29.08.17 / The Purposeful Career / Dear Graduate

This question has appeared a number of times in the last few weeks and it concerns me.

This letter is to all graduates who ask themselves the question What if I'm not good enough?

Dear Graduate,

Thank you for coming in, sharing a cofffee and your thoughts about the next steps in your adventure.

It's an amazing time. 

Something like stepping off the edge and hoping that the parachute is in place and all the safety mechanisms have been locked in.

A little bit exciting. A little bit scary.

It's a life event and like all life events, it's worth savouring.

I must be honest though — when you asked me that question as you signed off, I felt that you were hiding an anxiety and angst about the next few years that you didn't let on during our conversation.

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Jim Antonopoulos is the owner of Melbourne-based Strategic Design firm, Tank. He publishes a weekly journal via email called The Business of Creativity

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