03.08.17 / AGDA Design Awards Jury / Chris Jones

Chris Jones 02 976 607

I'm the founder and Creative Director for Switch, a design studio based in AKL. Having run Switch for 18 years I've had the great opportunity to hone my craft through every project we've taken on. Switch has never been one to hide from something we haven't done before but rather except the challenge, ultimately growing from our experiences and adding strengths to our capabilities as individuals and a studio. We lead with ideas, and then find the medium to best execute which has led us beyond just making marks on paper, to art-directing in remote places, attempting to balance objects that defy gravity, and working in spaces which are built for shipping, not pushing around in public spaces. My reward from design is seeing people react or interact with our design, be it a simple smile or engaged in a space we've created, this makes it all worth it.

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