17.07.17 / AGDA Design Awards Jury / Jonny Kofoed

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Jonny Kofoed - Assembly

Founding partner, Director of Motion & Design.

Jonny Kofoed is a Motion Design Director based in Auckland, New Zealand. He is one of the founding partners of Assembly, and works on projects spanning visual effects, animation, design, interactive, and film. Alongside his work in traditional advertising, he has designed film titles, games, directed music videos and developed TV concepts for Nickelodeon.

Since Assembly opened its doors six years ago, Jonny and his company have been recognized consistently every year at every major award show — collecting yellow pencils at D&AD and multiple Gold Lions at Cannes. Jonny is a regular on juries locally and internationally, and loves the judging process — especially when it involves a fierce debate and those little club sandwich things.

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