13.06.17 / Is your brand ready for the future?

Every business starts with an idea.

Ensuring that the inspiration in that seed of an idea evolves with marketplace relevance, is a never ending work in progress.

In a changing world, the idea is required to expand and take on new meaning. Hotels deliver experiences not beds, Chadstone offers lifestyle not shops, Qantas provides solutions not just travel.

Brand thinking can act as an incubator for innovation, helping companies advance by re purposing and adapting in response to customer dynamics.

Enriching the company brand purpose - what it does and why it exists - with a brand story, provides structure for the idea as it grows, and the foundation for all communications to flow from it.

Insightful brand thinking and creative design process are strategic business essentials. They influence the way ideas are expressed to inform and inspire staff, stakeholders and customers.

An entrepreneurial, strategic brand approach using the life blood of imagination can transform a company, cultivating growth and attracting opportunity which in turn, helps invent the future.

Over time, if a business does not continually work on how to make its business idea better, supporting it with brand stories to be in touch and in tune with its marketplace, competitive forces may overtake it.

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