10.01.17 / Plagiarism or Inspiration?

Plagiarism or inspiration?

It goes without saying that we all want to avoid charges of plagiarism (see initial Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo), lest we be brutalised in court, or worse, in the public forum. It’s easy to become overly familiar with language, visual or written, and to miss certain details that many others find obvious, resulting in a logo which infringes on an existing trademark.

It’s currently almost impossible to run an adequate search for similar logos, so any steps toward a solution are much appreciated.

Taking the lead in this area, San Franciscan Startup TrademarkVision, founded in 2011 by current CEO Sandra Mau, bypasses keyword searches and utilises deep-learning AI to match logos or marks with countless trademarks with which they may infringe. Neat, huh? If you’re interested in finding out more, check out their site. They have offices in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and Brisbane.


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