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AGDA to host talks by European design studio, Hey.

In November, Veronica Fuerte and Ricardo Jorge will be in Australia to talk to audiences in Perth and Adelaide before appearing as the keynote speakers at the AGDA Awards Design Forum in Sydney on Saturday 14th.

Based in Barcelona and founded in 2007, Hey was formed with the idea of transforming ideas into communicative graphics.

Hey is famous for their love of geometry, colour and direct typography and specialise in brand identity, editorial design and illustration.

Their impressive client list includes household names - Apple, Vodafone, Three, Turkish Airlines, General Electric, Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert, The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Porter, CBS, Film Commission Chile, Inditex, Fortune Magazine, Design Studio, Monocle, MACBA, CCCB, Penguin Random House and Oxfam.

As well as their client work, Hey undertake side projects. These activities aim to play with new ideas, push the  creative boundaries and develop a passion that is then injected into client’s work.


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