03.06.15 / New Frontiers Preview / Alaster Spiers

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Alaster Spiers – Stashboard Co-Founder

Alaster grew up in the UK, starting a graphic design degree in Newcastle England, and completing it in Boston Massachusetts following a 3 year Basketball scholarship. He took his first job as a graphic designer at a small studio in San Francisco, designing flyers and gift cards. After 5 years in the design industry Alaster transitioned to an art direction role in advertising industry and has currently worked across 4 continents at some of the worlds leading agencies such as Weiden + Kennedy, Droga5, Ogilvy, and Landor Associates.

After years in the creative trenches and many late nights, Alaster and an old uni friend (Thom Davy) teamed up to address a problem they encountered on a daily basis. They felt that inefficient and messy work process was getting in the way of creativity. This desire to help their fellow creatives lead to the launch of their new tech startup Stashboard.com. Stashboard, a cloud storage service for creatives, aims to make the creative industry a more productive and creative place.


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