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AGDA Shorts 01 Becky

In our quest to promote local design, we thought we’d conduct a series of short interviews highlighting the designers and creators who make our industry what it is.

First up, our 2015 AGDA WA Director, Becky Chilcott from Chil3


1. How did you first get into design?

I’d always been interested in design and art coming from a creative family but it was later when my twin sisters sent from Perth to London two copies of Baseline Magazine, the international typography journal. I was working in an editorial/production role at the time, and once I saw these magazines, I had a name for what it was that I wanted to pursue.


2. Your commitment to typography is well known. What’s the one typeface you would love to redesign?

That’s sort of like asking which Picaso you would I repaint . . . I’m not a type designer, I know a fair few, and believe me, I wouldn’t know where to start. Type design incredibly complex and a different discipline. I really love the development and construction of information. Adrian Frutiger’s saw himself as somebody who produced the stones for the architects to build the building. I like that.


3. If you had to choose between using Comic Sans or Papyrus, which would you choose and why? And you have to choose one.

I choose a typeface for it’s visual feeling and functionality and it’s suitability to an individual project, so that would be the main consideration. As you are making me choose though, it would have to be Comic Sans, just because of Comic Sans for Cancer campaign. Such a great idea.


4. What is Perth design in need of most?

We’ve all seen a real growth in the creative community in Perth over the past few years which is wonderful. Unfortunately, hasn’t translated so far into the mainstream and being a generally conservative place, finding clients who are willing to commit to change can be challenging. Simple answer, insightful and courageous clients.


5. What is the most favourite thing in your studio or workspace?

The one thing you can’t do without. Definitely people: the people I work with in the studio, Isabel Kruger and Jan Purser, freelancers and interns past and present. All our other suppliers and collaborators too of course.


6. And finally, in three words, how would your mother describe what you do

I had to phone up as I had no idea, “typographic artist designer”. So she got the first part right,

I just had to clarify the artist part.


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