05.01.15 / CINTIQ 22HD TOUCH - no connection or no tablet driver found!

So you have bought a fabulous new Wacom Cintiq, and you cannot wait to start creating... but there is a problem. You have followed all the steps... and... nothing. Oh the frustration! Now what?


With all the gadgets we stick in and out of our computers, sooner or later, the hardware starts to get a bit loose. The Cintiq definitely does not like that, so is your system too old? Do you need to replace or fix those connections? And remember to check ALL of your connections, and you will be surprised, the Cintiq may not work out of most them, but you may well hit the jackpot with one that does. Usually the connection that you use the least. Nine times out of ten, you will soon see the Cintiq come to life just by trying each USB. If you don't, and your system is relatively new as are all your USB connections, then the fault may well be the actual Cintiq cable. The bad news here is that Wacom support will ask you to bundle up your new toy and mail it back, so they can send you a new package.

So, you are one of the lucky ones, you can try and install again! A nice little video showing you how can be found HERE.


You have a connection, a beautiful big secondary screen that mimics what is on your computer. Hmmm. Not exactly drawing tablet material. And... another annoying error message, this time 'No tablet driver found' or something similar. You can even get this message after you have successfully been using your tablet for some time! Now there are a variety of things that could have caused this to happen, as well as a variety of solutions. The one that has served our agency faithfully, starts with finding and downloading the latest driver (you are not guarenteed to get that with your new Cintiq, so always check). You can find these drivers HERE.

After downloading the latest driver for your tablet, unplug your CINTIQ, install the driver, plug your tablet back in, and just let your system do the rest, don't try and point out where your driver is, just let your system find it. Soon, the little black box will appear on your screen and you are back in business. Now remember where you saved that driver, because every now and then, your system seemingly loses the driver. Now, even with the tablet plugged in, just reinstall and then restart the driver install (it's an .exe file). A nuisance yes, but when the tablet works... it works REALLY well, and this is a minor inconvenience. We have found that this usually happens after your virus/malware software has completed a thorough clean up of your system and you have shut down. It never seems to happen if we let the system sleep or hibernate as opposed to shutting it down.

If you are a bit tech savvy, it also helps to check that your tablet SERVICES are running, and you may have to 'START' them, this is a common fix that you can read about on the internet, however, truth be told, we have never found this to be a problem on our systems.

I hope this helps any frustrated illustrators and designers out there, so HAPPY CREATING!

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