18.03.14 / What Australian design can do by Simon Ashford

When we think about any particular culture, we bring to mind the design language and vernacular of that culture.  Italy, Japan, Britain, India, America, Brazil; our thoughts are populated with the fragments of images, flavours, sounds of those cultures. On a deeper level we may even think about the chronological layers of that culture. Each decade adding it’s own onion skin to that picture.  Responding to socio, political, economic and technical shifting sands. This is what characterises us; it is perhaps our songline — A map through time and space with design as our milestone and signpost.


Design is what defines the unique Australian experience — how we think, how we feel and how we understand ourselves as a culture. Our geographical location, climate and isolation. A hybrid of British colonialism with European and Asian immigration.

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Simon Ashford

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