September / Spit & Polish / Vector Lettering Workshop with Bobby Haiqalsyah

We're rescheduling the workshop so we can see more of you and give others time to plan and come to the workshop as well. In hindsight less than a month notice can be too much for people so now, we'll see you in a month's time! See you all there.

Bobby Haiqalsyah is a designer, illustrator, and letterer based in Melbourne, Australia. Originally born in Indonesia, Bobby (or bobsta14 as his last name is so hard to spell) combined the vibrant aesthetics of the culture he was born in with the design education and history that he got from growing up in Australia. Having spent a few years in branding, media, and the advertising industry he’s settling to a life of lettering and illustration in Melbourne where he co-founded the Melbourne Lettering Club which is a network for like minded letter lovers to share the passion and knowledge to each other.

The workshop will cover the basic and fundamentals of creating hand lettering, building it up and we later convert into a vector piece together in the class. Some type basics will be covered, and refreshed if you have some basic knowledge on type and Adobe Illustrator we can help to take those to help you create you own piece of custom vector lettering. If you have experience with lettering bring your old pieces along, also bring the type of lettering that you like along and we’ll try to dissect the style together. Workshop perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners.

On the Day

  • Learn the basics of type and hand lettering (with a brief touch on calligraphy)
  • Learn useful tips and techniques for vectoring type as a piece of lettering in Adobe Illustrator from start to finish Required tools
  • Your own laptop with a copy of Adobe Illustrator is compulsory.
  • Paper and pens will be provided, but feel free to bring some of your own materials from home should your have any favourites!
  • Bring along any inspiration or examples hand lettering that you like.

places limited, so be quick!

Time & Date:
10:30 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday September 16

Online registrations have closed.  If you are interested in attending e: or e:; to check there are spaces.

$120 AGDA members
$190 Public

CATC & Billy Blue, 595 Little Collins St, Melbourne
Southern Cross Station end of the city.

You can join AGDA here.

AGDA would like to thank CATC for their invaluable and ongoing support of Spit & Polish. 


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September 16

$190 - Ticket
$120 - Member