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Design Thinking Experience is the first step you should take when embarking on an innovation journey. When combined with any other Echos' course, promotional fees are applied. Find out more.


Design Thinking is a mindset that creates a baseline for innovation in a practical and human-centred way. It allows professionals to solve complex problems by making use of three core values - empathy, collaboration and experimentation.

Design Thinking Experience, as the name suggests, is a course that allows you to experience the fundamentals of Design Thinking, and completely changes your problem-solving techniques, giving you tools and hands-on methods that will help you come up with actionable, tangible, and innovative outcomes to challenges.

An outcome is considered innovative only when an invention not only changes the status quo but also adds value to end consumer's life. In the space of three days, this course will teach you how to harness empathy through research, build to think, prototype and iterate solutions that are desirable for people, financially viable, feasible and truly innovative.

By understanding the sequencing of Design Thinking to apply within projects, you will be able to provide your clients with outstanding customer experience and expand the innovation bandwidth of your business.


empathy​, ​collaboration​ and ​experimentation

who is this course for

  • For people that would like to further their knowledge on innovation and design thinking
  • For people who restlessly seek for knowledge and are constantly looking to self-improve
  • For professionals working for a startup, who want to promote innovation within their business
  • For seasoned professionals looking for a fresh look into innovation
  • For people who restlessly seek for knowledge and are constantly looking to self-improve
  • For professionals in leadership positions looking to promote positive change in culture and to adopt a more innovative business model
  • For young professionals in search for skills that allow career growth in a strategic way
  • For professionals in the innovation field who would like to accelerate projects and are looking for unique material
  • For professionals interested in providing an all-star customer experience, always focusing on the client's real needs
  • For people with a desire to innovate and create solutions to challenges of our emerging new world
  • For people with basic Design Thinking knowledge, who want to further their skills
  • For people who want to learn a new model of collaborative work


why is this course different?

Design Thinking Experience is a comprehensive course that will take you through Design Thinking's principles, key tools and terminology. The knowledge you will gather from this course adds value to leadership skills by focusing on asking the right questions when solving complex problems, ultimately enabling you to become an innovation accelerator.

That's not all.

This is an extremely hands-on course in which participants will understand the sequencing of Design Thinking by working on projects that will constantly challenge their preconceptions and the status quo. By being immersed in such a Design Thinking & Innovation bubble for three days, participants will start to develop creative muscle memory, that they will be able to access when returning to their everyday lives.

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participant's journey

One of Echos' core beliefs is that the best way to learn is by doing - the technique we call 'learn by doing'. DTx is, in essence, a 3-day program in which participants experience a mindset shift that happens while their brains are fully engaged in the 'doing'.

What our previous participants told us:

  • They felt better equipped to collaborate effectively with a diverse group of people
  • They felt compelled to learn from internal and external customers
  • They felt empowered to prototype quickly and generate innovative solutions
  • They felt confident in their creative skills
  • They felt in control when applying Design Thinking's key tools to solve complex problems they face on a daily base



Our facilitators are innovation experts who are committed to showing the ropes to participants and sharing tactics to implement design thinking in any situation.

Juliana Proserpio
Echos Co-founder & Global Design Director

Ricardo Ruffo
Echos Co-founder & Global Managing Director



Level 2, 696 Bourke Street
Melbourne, 3000, VIC

27 - 29 November
9:00 am to 5:30 pm



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November 27

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