November / Business of Design week / Masterclass 1

Successful, sustainable studios have a stable of loyal clients. This masterclass explains how to attract the right clients for your studio.

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How to gain the right type of client for your design studio.

Successful, sustainable studios have a stable of the right type of clients.

But how do you attract the right client when they won't even take your call? Avoid selling. Instead build a relationship the same way you build any relationship. Woo them. Talk about their business and empathise with their challenges. Then tell them your story and how you can work with them to benefit their business.

It's not about new business development. It's about developing new client relationships.

This is exactly the thinking clients expressed in our recent UNseminar titled 'What clients think'. Our panel of three clients all said they wanted a relationship with the designer. They weren’t just looking for a supplier; they wanted someone they could trust to understand their business and work with them. So how do you develop client relationships? It begins with understanding exactly what job they need done and then developing empathy that shows how design can give them gains while relieving their pains.

Date and Time
Mon., 11 November 2019
10:00 am – 4:00 pm AEDT

RMIT University
Level 3, Building 9
124 La Trobe Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000




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November 11

$634 - Ticket