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AGDA Design Means Business event series presents...

Business + Design
22nd March
6pm - 8.30pm
Clemenger Auditorium NGV

Broadsheet Media x The Company You Keep
YMCA 'Playnamsium' x McCann Melbourne
Fluff x Love + Money

Hosted by Richie Meldrum, August

Members - $35
Public - $65
Students - $25

Following last year's sell-out event of over 250 people, Business + Design is back for 2018.

Under the banner of AGDA's Design Means Business event series and part during Melbourne Design Week, this is a rare opportunity to explore the inner workings of the design industry,

The Business + Design event will focus on the power of creative collaboration, unveiling the fascinating working relationships between three exciting and diverse organisations and their respective design agencies.

Telling the story of real life projects from both sides of the buyer / supplier spectrum, the organisations will talk about the challenges their businesses faced and the objectives they wished to achieve through design and communication. The agency will demonstrate how insight, strategy and creativity led to the final design solution. Together they will prove how design can be a catalyst for business success.


Broadsheet Media + The Company You Keep

It all comes down to relationships, right? Broadsheet have kept The Company You Keep company for almost 6 years. Through this period they have co-conceived, co-created and co-llaborated on almost everything - from building bars, to building audiences, to building cultural movements. More than a standard designer-client relationship; their tight bond, shared understanding and ongoing engagement has allowed for out-of-the box thinking and off the chart results.

Nick Shelton - Founder, Broadsheet Media
Nick Shelton is the Founder of Broadsheet Media, comprising of Broadsheet, Broadsheet Studio and Scout. Broadsheet is first and foremost a digital publication that serves to be the essential guide to city culture. Broadsheet covers food and drink, fashion, art and design, entertainment, travel and active lifestyles in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Broadsheet Studio is the publication’s branded content agency, delivering on large-scale commercial campaigns for a range of clients and Scout is an employment site delivering solutions to the Broadsheet audience and industry.

Rhys Gorgol - Principal and Creative Director, The Company You Keep
Rhys Gorgol is the principal and Creative Director of The Company You Keep, a branding and design practice based in Melbourne. Founding the practice with the vision that working with like-minded people produces better results, The Company You Keep set out to keep good company and help create great companies in the process. His work has a distinctly human quality that while militantly clear, resonates with warmth and wit.

Preferring to explore diversity, rather than vogue he’s work has seen him take this design philosophy to a breadth of weird and wonderful sectors and projects, providing a refreshing view to everything from maternity bags to vegan chocolate.”


Fluff + Love and Money

Young girls buying makeup is not the problem. Selling young girls the wrong idea about beauty is. We think there needs to be a louder voice in the market that’s designed with young girls in mind. One that helps to determine the difference between beauty products and actual beauty. And to do that, we need to educate as much as we need to listen. We need to let these girls make beauty up for themselves. This is Fluff. And this was the challenge for Love & Money: to create a makeup brand that encourages girls to wear less makeup, and using social media to encourage girls to spend less time on their phones.

Makeup. Magazines. Stuff. Issues. Selfies, sometimes. Not beauty.

Erika Geraerts - Head of Fluff
Erika Geraerts has spent the last seven years co-founding content agency Willow & Blake, skincare company frank body, and Abbotsford cafe, Little Big Sugar Salt, as well as writing her first children’s book, Me Too. In the last two years, however, time, money and focus has been almost completely consumed by her new venture in beauty, Fluff.

Charl Laubscher - Creative Director and Founder, Love + Money
Charl Laubscher is the Creative Director and founder of Love + Money Agency, working with clients across the world including Polaroid, Medibank, the Sydney Opera House. As well as dealing with established brands, he’s helped build ecommerce startups like Frank Body and The 5TH from the ground up. In past lives he’s built a cafe, written columns on feminist issues for The New Zealand Herald, and a kids’ book for adults with Walker Books.


Freedom Calendar x Jacky Winter Group supporting Asylum Seekers Resource Centre

Created in response to the Manus Island refugee crisis in late 2017, the Freedom Calendar features 20 Australian artists responding to tweets from people detained in the horrific conditions.

Jess Lilley desperately wanted to do something to raise funds for those affected by the situation and together with Lara Chan-Baker and artists from The Jacky Winter group (as well as many other supporters and volunteers), the calendar was pulled together in record time and raised over $8,000 in donations for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

During the process, Jess and Lara learned a lot about producing, funding, and distributing charity projects and together will dissect onstage how they were able to pull this off.

Jess Lilley
Jess Lilley has been working as an advertising copywriter then creative director since 2000, first in Melbourne then Toronto then London and back again. Her favourite part of the job has always been the opportunity to collaborate with great minds to create things far more impressive than she alone could have imagined.

Before advertising, Jess worked in Melbourne’s independent music industry and her love for grassroots creative communities has stayed with her ever since. Throughout her career she has continued to balance commercial work with personal projects across photography, public radio, documentary film and theatre.

Jess recently left JWT Melbourne to begin a new role as creative director at Leo Burnett Melbourne.

Lara Chan-Baker
Lara Chan-Baker is a Producer and Agent at The Jacky Winter Group, where she manages all manner of commercial creative projects with a roster of 130+ visual artists.

Her role puts her smack bang in the middle between clients and creative teams, facilitating each side to get the best end result. On every project she produces, she walks the treacherous line between cracking the whip on budget and timings and defending the creative integrity of the idea. It's a balancing act that she tackles with her years of experience across all sorts of strange roles and the roster of therapy dogs that come through the Jacky Winter office.

On top of her day-to-day project wrangling, she is also one of the hosts and creators of the Jacky Winter Gives You The Business podcast — a show which aims to shine a light on the unsung heroes in the creative industries (producers, account managers, art buyers, and more) and looks at the skills required to achieve creative excellence, no matter what the medium


Business + Design is part of Melbourne Design Week

Melbourne Design Week and the Victorian Design Program are initiatives of the Victorian Government


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March 22

$65 - Ticket
$35 - Member
$25 - Student