March / Barely managing with Carol Mackay

Barely Managing with Carol Mackay: A discussion on the value of design management with the co-founder of Design Business Council

About this Event

Barely managing is a series of events and meet-ups dedicated to project managers in creative industries to talk shop, swap tips and share challenges from what can be an emotional rollercoaster of a job.

But what is the value of the job? We constantly find ourselves navigating how to describe ourselves and what we do. We fumble communicating that value to our teams and our clients. How do we grow as individuals in these roles? What does business development look like?

With a career in the design industry spanning more that 30 years, Carol Mackay is passionate about supporting the “air traffic controllers” of our industry (Quote!). Co-founder of Design Business Council, Carol is a wealth of knowledge in the areas of studio and project management in the context of design and business. A mentor, leader and genuinely exceptional human, Andreea and Libby will ask Carol some burning questions about design management.

You’ll walk away with insights on adding value to your team, growing in your role and a take home exercise designed by Carol to help you on your professional journey.

Please RSVP by 21 March. There is a $5 fee to help us fund the event and some refreshments. We appreciate your understanding at our first event. Limited to 20 tickets.

Date and Time
Thu, 28 March 2019
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM AEDT

The Hungry Workshop
461 High Street
Northcote, VIC 3070



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March 28

$5 - Ticket