November / Northern Scale

Talk with Alaskan Graphic Designer/Artist Karen Larsen

Come along to the Grace Centre and hear Karen talk about her large scale outdoor work in Alaska and her creative process.

Karen Larsen
Karen has been invited to collaborate from the opposite end of the world, bringing a unique perspective and talent for making large scale letters outside. Karen has designed a completely unique font for this project which is used to spell out the 6 words that capture the personality of Clarence Plains.

Karen creates pieces that explore quirks on this planet she finds interesting. While graphic designers typically spend their time in front of a computer, Karen’s always been interested in what design means in the environment. How we interact with a space, change our sense of place, look at the same thing differently, these aspects of design keep her going.

Her work has taken her to office buildings, museums, outdoor spaces, on airplanes, boats, into factories, auditoriums, and art galleries. And has worked with architects, landscape designers, web coders, and installation designers, she’s learned to look at issues through the eyes of many disciplines.


Futago has a passion for collaborating with different artists and creatives to create works that are appropriate, exciting and original. They’ve create public artworks for diverse spaces as the hospital’s emergency department, Battery Point’s waterfront and Canberra’s massive tree park.

Futago has been working with One Community Together to develop listen to the community, scope locations and dream big for a powerful artwork that will help build positive energy in Clarence Plains. Futago’s Design Director, Kate Owen, met Karen back in 2011 at a typography conference in New Zealand. Impressed by Karen’s large-scale work which uses interesting materials and techniques, she thought she was an ideal collaborator to help realise this project.


Date And Time
Mon11 November 2019
5:30 for 6:00 pm

The Grace Centre
10 Ralph Terrace
Rokeby, TAS 7019

General Admission A$15.00
AGDA Members A$10.00
Clarence Plains Locals Free

Tickets via Eventbrite or at the door

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November 11

$15 - Ticket
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