May / Mimmo Cozzolino / Launceston Talk

“In 2016 I was inducted into the AGDA / Spicers Hall of Fame, an honour I was very proud to receive. At the time I reflected on the path my career had taken. I remembered that even from the start of my design education, my focus was to become as good a designer as I could possibly be, as soon as possible. It took me a while to fathom how I could or should define the word good, but that was the key.
Was it to be Different?Creative?Uncompromising? Cheeky? Engaging? Surprising? Confronting? Relevant? Humorous? Culturally challenging? Or all of the above?

I invite you to join me
 to share more insights from my life as a designer and artist. It may even help you reflect on what kind of designer you are or want to be.”  

Mimmo Cozzolino

Launceston Talk
6pm, Wednesday 3/5/17
Enterprize Hub
22-24 Paterson Street

AGDA Members $20 
Public $35
Students/Conc $15 


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May 3

$35 - Ticket
$20 - Member
$15 - Student