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Workshop 1

How to run a damn good brand project.

We’re always being told about the power of brand, but rarely do we get the chance to find out how to go about creating one - from strategy, to creative and beyond.

Whether you’re doing it for yourself, your work, or for a client, running a brand project is hard. The path to success is full of hurdles, potholes and decoys that can stop you getting the result you’re after.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Running a brand project can be a thoroughly interesting and highly rewarding experience. There is nothing more satisfying than launching a new brand to market and watching the amazing difference it can make.

In this 2.5-hour class, you will be taken on a tightly compact run-through of the multiple components of a typical branding project falling under 4 main stages.

Conducting Discovery
• Brand Audit
• Competitor Research
• Site Visits
• Data Analysis
• Stakeholder/Customer Interviews
• Benchmarking

Running a Strategy Workshop
• Aims and Objectives
• Set Up and Agenda
• Facilitation
• Tools and Materials
• Exercises and Techniques

Writing a Brand Framework
• Aims and Objectives
• Content and Structure
• Framework Presentation
• Format and Documentation

Creating a Brand Identity
• Visual Identity Design
• Verbal Identity Development
• Concept Presentations
• Style Guides, Assets and Design Systems
• Brand Rollout and Launch

Audiences and Testimonials

Perfect for:
• Designers
• Brand Strategists
• Brand Copywriters
• Marketers
• Comms Team Members
• Brand Managers
• Social Media Managers
• Business Owners/Operators

‘Richie was absolutely amazing. Very knowledgeable, engaging and thorough. I was blown away by how well he run the workshop particularly given the amount of content covered. He approached topics and ideas in a very relatable way, getting out of the typical definitions and buzzwords to describe branding. This was money very well spent, would attend more workshops with him in a flash! ‘

‘It was a great session - super interesting and delivered really well. Definitely recommend it.’

‘Great class! Great overview and all made sense. Content was really concise, and it filled in a few knowledge gaps!’

‘Richie was great, I learnt so much from his content and he answered questions in a detailed way - cannot fault anything.

9.30am to 12pm


Workshop 2

How to run a damn good website project.

Creating good websites is hard.

However, as a designer, marketer, project manager or business owner, knowing how to do it well can be an absolute game-changer.

Whether you’re making one for yourself, for your company or for a client, planning, designing and launching a new website can be a thoroughly interesting and highly rewarding experience. There is nothing more satisfying than having a website you made ‘go live’ and watching people from all over the world visit a tiny part of the internet that you created.

What’s even better is seeing the incredible impact a new website can have. From increasing sales or sign-ups to boosting performance or shifting perception - a damn good website can do it all and more. But the key to creating a damn good website, is running a damn good website project!

In this 2.5-hour class, you will be taken on a tightly compact run-through of the multiple stages of a typical website project, from the very first step to the very last drop.

We will tackle the following:
• Workshop sessions and website strategy
• Costing, scoping and project planning
• Audience groups and online business objectives
• Features and functionality
• Copywriting and content development
• Site structure, wireframes and prototyping
• UX/UI design practices and process
• Testing and launching your site
• On-going maintenance and digital marketing
• Time for questions, queries and discussion

Audiences and Testimonials

Perfect for:
• Digital Designers
• Developers
• Digital Strategists
• Marketers
• Brand Managers
• Comms Staff
• Content Writers
• Digital Producers
• Website Project Managers
• Account Managers
• Business Owners/Operators

“The course was exactly what I was hoping for. Loved all the info on the strategy briefing session. Thanks!’

‘Before the class began, I wasn’t sure if two hours was too long. But after Richie started the first slide, I didn’t want the class to stop! I love that he was so open about his work experience and I learnt a lot from his class, a lot of practical guides that I can follow.”

“Super engaging, lots of insights, great examples, great presenter”

“Brilliant workshop, highly informative. The information about what to cover off in a website strategy/discovery was gold.”

1pm to 3.30pm


Saturday, 28th March
Foundry, Brooke St Pier (top floor), Franklin Wharf

Foundry 976 607

How to run a damn good brand project.


How to run a damn good website project.


20% Discount for people purchasing and attending both workshops

Members $70

Public $100

Students $70


Richie Meldrum

Writer & Strategist / Creative Strategy Director at Interchange - a culture and behaviour change consultancy.

Hello, I am Richie.

I started off as a writer, struggled as a journalist, turned into a copywriter and came out as a strategist.

I’ve worked in brand and digital agencies in the UK and Australia for over 12 years, collaborating with designers, technologists, project managers, clients and loads of other incredibly smart people that do things I can’t.

Over the years, I’ve learnt how to use my love of research, writing and human behaviour to influence the outcome of hundreds of projects spanning brand, digital and creative content - from cultural institutions to global corporations, Italian-made women’s shoes to Vietnamese noodle delivery apps.

I’m passionate about sharing what I know/don’t with others through teaching, speaking and getting involved whenever I can.

I love juice, outdoor swimming pools and battle rap, and am partly responsible for the success of Russell Brand.

Richie talks to Onprocess about Brand Strategy

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