November / Craig Black / Acrylic Fusion Lettering Installation — Brisbane

Join lettering artist Craig Black as he creates an acrylic fusion lettering installation. You'll learn about refining your lettering technique from analogue to digital, learning how to build a structure for an installation, how to properly ‘throw’ paint about and learning to embrace those happy accidents to create a final piece of work that you are proud of.

In this class, Craig will explore lettering through the creation by hand using pencil to pen and turning this into a digital format. Exploring the process of laser cutting and building the basis of your installation. Learning the importance of preparation and how to utilise paint to provide an amazing texture quality, and endless possibilities.

You will create your own A6 sized lettering installation as the project for this workshop. Whether you would like to learn more on finessing your lettering or creating a painted piece - this is a fun process that will be sure to sharpen your skills.

*Please note: No laser cutting equipment will be provided for this workshop. You will learn the fundamentals of how to set up a lettering design for laser cutting. Each participant will be provided a 3D letter which will be glued to a MDF A6 sized wooden board. Also your painted piece of work will take approx. 2 days to dry. Also recommend wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on.

We will also explore how to market and showcase this project via social media.

The physical process of painting that you will experience with type in your project will inform your lettering process moving forward and give you a unique sense of depth and space. Craig encourages you to be as brave as possible with your design, colour and paint choices as well as having a lot of fun!

Examples of my ‘acrylic fusion’ work:
London Calling

Friday, 8th November

11am to 3pm

Queensland College of Art
Griffith University
Webb Centre Building SO2
Room 4.02
South Bank campus
226 Grey Street

$50 AGDA members & students
$75 public

Places are limited.

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November 8

$75 - Ticket
$50 - Member
$50 - Student