May / First Coat / International Art Festival 2017

First Coat Intl' Art Festival 2017
Toowoomba: May 19-21 2017.

As The Design Conference approaches, so does it's Sister Event, First Coat Intl' Art Festival. Presented by Analogue Digital Agency, First Coat will host some of the World's and Australia's best street and mural artists in Toowoomba, including several #tdcbne17 speakers and breakout hosts. Take our advice and head up to Toowoomba, it will be an awesome weekend full of fun and good times!

First Coat is a Queensland based creative initiative, driven by making arts & culture accessible through the transformation of public space. We encourage community engagement and conversation, with a strong interest in the role public art plays in social change and urban development.

First Coat Mural Festival is an annual showcase of contemporary public art, hosted through out the city of Toowoomba. Year round, First Coat facilities murals projects across Queensland, with a passion for activating regional areas.

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