July / AGDA NSW / First Five Out

A bunch of creatives discuss their first five years (more or less) in the design industry.

What were you doing five years ago? Half a decade ago, when Amazon first introduced us to the possibility of deliveries by drone*. Maybe you hadn’t even started your studies yet. But for our speakers, they were fresh graduates ready to step out into the world of design. Now, they’re some of the most interesting creatives in our industry. But are they the creatives they thought they would be when they graduated? Have they stayed on track, or has everything taken an alternative course? What were the pivotal moments in their career that have led them to where they are today?

Our speakers will share stories from their first five years in the industry and their unique paths which have brought them to where they are at now. If you’re a student or recent graduate asking yourself ‘What’s next?’, this is the perfect opportunity to hear from the people who’ve done it all before. There will also be a short Q&A following the talks. If you have a burning question for any of our speakers - ask them via #agdanew before or during the event. Afterwards, hang back for a drink and take the opportunity to mingle with people in the industry, and get on that inside track.

*Yep, time really does fly doesn’t it.

Natalie Johnson, Atlassian

Georgia Martin, Ascender

Christian Georges Moore; Art Gallery of NSW

Elliot Schultz, ED

TUESDAY JULY 23, 6.30pm
JMC Academy
561 Harris Street,

Members Free
Public $25

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July 23

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