Become a member / Get involved

If you are fresh to the industry, you can boost your career by getting involved with AGDA. Putting up your hand to help out will get you noticed by our industry movers and shakers and provide you with skills and experience that you would perhaps not normally have access to.

By volunteering for AGDA, you will meet new people, develop team work and communication skills, put your problem-solving abilities to good use, expand your knowledge base, be able to exchange ideas with other creatives, provide you with networking opportunities, learn how to get along with folks from all ages and backgrounds, have your patience tested, work on your sense of humour, and generally build your character.

Ways to get involved include: 

  • Get involved with your local branch council
  • Volunteer to help out at events
  • Participate in the AGDA Poster Competition
  • Enter the Biennale Awards
  • Write an article for the website
  • Submit an article or images to AGENDA, our quarterly design journal 
  • Review a design book for the website or AGENDA 
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Attend all the events you can.
  • Submit a video for AGDA TV