14.12.16 / Palette Cube / Reduced Price

Palette have updated the price for the Cube, which is great news for AGDA Members, who can now purchase the Cube for $130 (20% below retail price) from the AGDA Shop.

Cube, by Palette, is the essential design companion for anyone who works with colour.

Portable and simple to use, Cube fits in your hand and with one tap captures the colour of almost any surface.

Once captured, pair Cube with smartphones and desktops to reveal raw colour values in RGB, CMYK, HEX and LAB.

Cube also seamlessly connects to Photoshop via Cube Link, allowing you to match the colours that inspire you back to a host of over 7,500 digital colour profiles, including Pantone.

From designers to artists, architects to horticulturists — Cube eliminates the complexities of digitising colour, and combines creativity with practicality.

Turning a fleeting moment of inspiration into the beginning of any creative project, Cube is the essential tool for anyone who works with colour and transitions between the real and the digital.

Bring your work to life with Cube.

Members: $130
Public: $162.5

View Palette Cube in the AGDA Shop.

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