09.08.17 / Cul-de-sac / A bold, brave refresh for AFF17

The launch of Cul-de-sac Creative’s revitalised online presence coincides with the unveiling of our latest campaign for the 2017 Adelaide Fashion Festival (AFF17). Two highly anticipated events for the studio.

The AFF17 campaign featuring Finesse Models’ newly discovered and fast becoming an international face Akiima with imagery shot by revered fashion photographer Georges Antoni of the The Artist Group.

This year’s creative brand is bold and architectural, inspired by local modernist artists, designers and architects embracing the city’s evolving energy for design innovation.

The work of South Australian-born artist Sydney Ball is our key inspiration. His work with colour, shape and form are internationally celebrated. His brave approach to sharp and strong shapes, complemented by striking colours and geometry mirrors the contemporary attitude of this year’s festival.

AFF creative director Chris Kontos said “In 2017 we wanted to take the festival in a bold and artistic direction and this campaign embodies that perfectly”

We're also excited to present our new web site. It's our re-thinking and re-positioning in the ever evolving world of communication design. In the 'Work' section there are more projects that are not on view. Use the 'Related Work' thumbnails at the end of each project page to discover more of our work.

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